Monday, 29 June 2015

Unexpected, lol

Never a quiet day here lol. Caitlin woke up feeling poorly so took her Drs. She said she had a slight throat and ear infection so lots of calpol, ice cream and cuddles and shes perked right up :)
Then tonight I was walking Scamp when I heard a screech of a car breaking and this little cutie ran out from under the tyres. I managed to pick her up and looked about for an owner but no luck. No collar or anything so brought her home and put her pic on Facebook. Took only a few moments for a friend to tag me in another girls frantic 'Lost dog' posts and the very grateful owner came to pick her up.
Was lucky really as Willow (the doggy) was such a friendly little thing I think she'd have gone with anybody! The kids were certainly smitten in the short time she was here and poor Scamp was gutted when she left. Not sure I'm ready for another dog yet though ;)
As I was stuck in with a poorly baby girl today I finish off a couple of Layouts which have been sitting on my desk for about a week now. This one is for the sketch over at Sketchy scrappers. This was this months sketch.
And this was my take on it. I love these pictures of Caitlin at the May fair a couple of years ago, she looks so happy :)
I wanted to put some twisted ribbon on to go with the theme and loved the pink and blue organza ones together.
Must admit I wasn't fond of this sketch at first but love the result :)


  1. Willow was luck you were there to help him - the power of fb eh, glad he's reunited. It is a great page too

  2. I didn't particularly like the sketch but I like how it has turned out. I love the ribbon twist :)

  3. I'm glad I've converted you to the sketch! Just goes to show its not what it looks like but how you interpret it and what you use that makes it! Lovely page and glad the doggy got home safely x


Thanks for your comments. :)