Saturday, 20 June 2015

Crafting with the girls :)

Ok I admit, I'm dreadful for getting overexcited and letting things spiral out of control lol. Poor Mark is used to it by now. Like before the kids were born and we were flying to Greece at 6am, the night before I got it into my head we should redecorate the hall when we got back. By 5am I had ripped up the carpet, stripped the walls and had painted the first coat. Or when we agreed to a weekend in Butlins for the kids birthday a few years back, and it turned into a week in Disneyland :p
That said, when I suggested Caitlin having a sleepover with her friends I think he expected it to be harmless enough. Then we found Caitlin can earn a 'Hostess badge' at Brownies if she made some invitations and decorations for the sleepover, which sounds to me like a party! Parties need games, and themes and favours etc. :) Ah well, he knew I was crazy when he married me :p
So what does every sleepover party need? Spoons with bling! lol. I love making favours and things for the kids parties so these are the start.
Turns out my niece Mollie is having a sleepover for her birthday the night after Caits, so I thought it would be fun to have a invitation making session with the girls :)
I cut out shapes which looked like eye masks and let them decorate them before adding ribbon and flowers.
Catilin loved hers so happy Mummy :)
Next, game planning and room decorating! :)


  1. Fab spoons! Looks like it's going to be q good party!

  2. you sure are crazy..the night before your holiday! that would have stressed me out lol. The invitations look great - these will be the little things she remembers as she grows up - hope she (and you) have fun x


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