Saturday, 6 June 2015


So no blogging yesterday. TBH it was a really rubbish day with bad news all round :(
I had been trying this whole h20 10 days only drinking water thing but day 4 yesterday I snapped and broke out the wine.
Back on it today though :) New day new start and all that! This morning was a trip to get Caitlins hair trimmed. She LOVES her hair, and its taken me weeks of convincing her to go and get a slight trim to get all the whispy, split bits at the bottom of her hair cut. This morning we were just about to leave for the appointment and she suddenly says
'I don't know if I want to just get a trim or get it cut short'
Seriously?! Luckily I'd made an appointment with my usual hairdresser who is so lovely and has kids of her own so knows how to deal with them lol. We went down and Caitlin shyly told her she wasn't sure what she wanted. Hayley promised she would trim a little bit at a time until Caitlin was happy. :) She took about 5 inches off the bottom then layered it around her face to give it some interest.
She was thrilled with it and looks so grown up! I'm not a big fan of that part but she does look beautiful lol.
I tried to get a nice photo but this is what she gave me lol.
Ignore the blue tongue she's just had a slush puppy lol.

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