Thursday, 11 June 2015

Is it not the Summer holidays yet?

I know the kids have only just gone back but I'm so ready for the summer holidays now. The kids always go to bed at 8 on a school night and I feel so guilty putting them to bed when the sun is still streaming through the curtains. I love it in the summer when they can stay up late playing in the garden :) The fact I get to lie in in the morning doesn't hurt either ;)
It's been beautiful weather today so I made the most of it doing washing and tidying the garage a bit. It amazes me how quickly it manages to fill with rubbish each time I sort it.
Still sharing layouts from the never ending 'Like for ever' kit. This one is a photo of Mark and Caitlin when Caitlin was poorly a while ago. When any of the kids are ill Mark tends to cuddle up and relax with them, while I run about getting drinks, giving meds etc. Not sure how that started but there you go! lol
Im not usually a fan of mists on yellow paper as the colours always look muddy I think. This shimmer one for example is actually white but looks more grey here. Looks like rain though so goes quite well.
I'm not sure about this layout. I think it's too busy. But can't love them all! This is a photo of my birthday 'cookie' from last year. I'm not a big cake fan so Marks friend got me a cookie instead. I was even less a fan of turning 30 so he made sure that wasn't mentioned on the decoration ;)
Loving these little buttons :)
Weather tomorrow is supposed to be a lot cloudier so indoor jobs I'm predicting. Caitlins sleeping at my Mums again so just me and the boys. Time to finish some crafting projects I think :)


  1. Your "pass the coffee" page looks really yummy! xx

  2. the mist worked well on your pretty page x


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