Friday, 12 June 2015

Creepy but cool

Been a busy day today and about to settle down and watch the new Orange is the new black so quick post :)
Over the news on the past few days I've seen about a set of trees nearby which have been overtaken by caterpillars. It looked cool so we took Cam up after Cubs.
Seriously how creepy is this! There were thousands and thousands of them and the silk was everywhere. It was amazing to see.
There were huge bunches of them all over the place.
Sadly they're apprently not pretty butterflies, but moths. Oh well.


  1. Are they those poisonous ones that cause an awful rash - we had a small hawthorn tree in our garden when we first moved here and the first summer it was absolutely smothered in them, they got everywhere especially when it was windy. At the first opportunity we lost the tree!! Cam is very brave!!

  2. Wow they are weird! Bet Cam liked them though!!!

  3. Your son is a little too close for comfort! I can appreciate bugs in nature, but never want to get too close. I'll observe them through your lens!!


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