Sunday, 7 June 2015

Feeling good :)

I love days like today. :) It started early, 5am, to get up and get going to a car boot with my Mum.
Didn't make a huge amount really, £60 but then spent £20 on a few games for the kids and a few bits for me!
Very rarely see craft stuff at car boot sales but there was a lady whos mum had passed and she was selling all her stash on. Mainly card making things but few bits I could use.
Also found this pretty bargain for Caitlin :) She doesn't know it yet but I've booked a couple of days in Disneyland for us later in the year and thought this would be good to take.
If she doesn't want it I'll happily wear it lol.
So back from car boot I did some cleaning and took Scamp on a long walk as he'd been stuck in all morning. Then sat in the front garden digging up weeds. I'm now sore and completely exhausted :) Whenever I'm worried about things I always feel better when I keep busy and today did that. Tomorrow off to get Caitlin her new Brownies uniform so she's all excited too!

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