Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Love a bargain :)

I'm dreadful for falling for sales and good deals, but I can't help it! I was supposed to be saving as much money as possible this month but I slipped a little when I saw this lot at my local Home bargains.
I love those stars and heart stickers. I saw some on Ebay a while ago but they were almost £2 each, these were 59p :)
Worth a look if you're near a store!
Off shopping I've noticed a few people seem to be making their way to my blog from others, :) I hope you like what you read and stick about but of course its only fair I return the favour and show you a few blogs I love to read, so tomorrow I'll be posting links, feel free to come back and have a hop :)


  1. They look good - will you have to hide them from your daughter :)

  2. At 59p I think you're allowed to fall off the wagon! Lol!


Thanks for your comments. :)