Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Mini beasts

Caitlin has recently been doing Mini beasts as a topic at school. Before half term I was walking through the class with the rest of the PTA and I made an offhand comment about the kids not having a project to do for a while. They all stopped and stared at me and said they had one due in 3 days! A quick chat with Caits teacher found that the letter had not been handed out as a substitute was in charge that day. Obviously 3 days wasn't long enough so the kids were 'kindly' given half term to do it.
Luckily Caitlin loves doing this kind of thing anyway lol. We had planned to make a giant butterfly but at the Wicksteed park fun day she made a dragonfly from beads and pipe cleaners so she decided to make a 3d pond instead :)
Pizza boxes are so great arnt they lol, they can contain pizza, scrapbooking stash then recycled for homework!
This is a frog with a long tongue I'm told.
Cute little caterpillar :)
So proud of my clever little girl, def takes after her Mum with her love of crafting :)
Speaking of crafting I've still got so much of my 'Like for ever' kit left! Managed 9 layouts so far with only really cardstock added in. Loving these kits :)
This photo was taken when we went to Disney on ice last year. I've always been an anxious driver and hated driving anywhere far or busy. It really limits where we can go a lot of the time as I'm the only driver in the family. Then Caitlin saw an advert for Disney on ice in Birmingham, somewhere I had never driven, and seemed a perfect incentive. The journaling reads 'I'm really not a big fan of driving but in 2014 I vowed to get past it. So I booked tickets to Disney on ice, knowing I wouldn't let you down'
One of the packs of embellishments in the kit were these buttons with enamel stickers. Beautiful as they are but then a clever member of the facebook group suggested taking the stickers off and using them and the buttons seperatly.
Two lots of embellishments in one!
Well caitlin starts Brownies tonight. My baby girl is getting too big too quick! She seems a little nervous about it but her best friend is starting tonight with her too so sure that will help. Another uniform to shell out for then lol.

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  1. Wow what a fantastic pond! Loving the page too - you are tempting me with this kit! Hope she enjoyed her first evening at Brownies. She'll have a great time!


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