Sunday, 28 June 2015

Last one

Well I really need to scrap tomorrow now! lol. This is the last layout I have to share and still have no mojo. This weekend sees to have gone by on fast forward!
Saturday we went shopping for a few last minute bits for Mollies birthday party this weekend, her birthday isn't until the end of July but it was the only time her friends were all free. Tesco was having a big Minions event so the girls sat eating sweets and colouring in while I shopped. They got Minions painted on their arms too :)
Bits all bought we went home. I think I was in the door for about 15 minutes before Mum rung me asking if I fancied a BBQ :) I shoved some burgers and bottles of wine into a bag and off we went. :) Was a brilliant night, playing at the park with the kids and badmington in the garden. Mollie made me laugh too, she was at the park with Caitlin and I was watching from the front garden (the parks right in front of Mums house) Caitlin came running over saying she had to go toilet and Mollie was crying so I went to see her:
Me - Whats wrong?
Mollie - I don't want to be on my own at the park, what if someone tries to take me?
Me - Nobody will I'm watching you, besides what do you think Caitlins going to do? She'll just run away.
Mollie - Yeah but I can run faster than her, they'll take her not me.
Charming!! lol.
Today was cleaning and playing with the kids, sadly no scrapping, my mojo seems to have done a serious runner atm. Need to get it back soon as this is the last one I've done and not shared yet!
How cute is this photo of Scamp though :)
He loves to sleep in bed with us like a person lol, with his head on the pillow and all tucked up under the covers. :)
Don't think Mark is a huge fan of it tbh but oh well ;) My last layout using the Like forever kit. I still have lots left but packed it away now for later use, hoping a different kit might inspire me a bit!


  1. Hi there Gemma, Love your post - and your layout too! We have 2 dogs - and the oldest one thinks her place to sleep is on our bed, between my husband and I - all 55 lbs of her!! Your photo of your Scamp is adorable, and your title and embellishments are perfect!! I'm a new "follower!"

  2. It's a very cute photo! I really like all the pages you've made with the kit so far. I'm very tempted!


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