Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Get on with it

Yesterday was kinda depressing. My health was iffy, my car was iffy, my patience was VERY iffy which made me feel guilty.
Ugh January is always rubbish but I'm excited about getting back to school and routine.
See I love my kids, course I do, but Cameron can be very draining at times. He talks, constantly. Seriously, he talks to himself, to everyone around him, he talks, CONSTANTLY. We've took him to the Dr and had him checked to make sure its not a sign of anything like ADHD or Aspergers syndrome. OK sounds like an over reaction but honestly I mean constantly.
Anyway it seems to be nothing more than an over active mind but by God its a lot 24/7 lol. So sending the kids back to school this morning was the start of a break for us and back to routine for them. Yey :)
So while yesterday was rubbish, I was determined to make today better. I hit the ground running putting a wash on and cleaning the kitchen, then went to hoover the kids room.
Then the hoover broke. So I go online to see when I bought it.
Internet goes down.
Go on my phone to use my 3g, find out the hoover is a month out of warranty ans new part will be £40.
Go onto bank account to do bills and budgeting, bank website is down for maintaince.
Deep breath, I'll do some ironing. Few items in, the iron spits brown water all over Marks white shirt.
Abandon all housework, go to town to meet my Mum for coffee.
Costas coffee machine isnt working (Seriously?!?!?!)
They finally get it working, I get my caramel latte and sit down........for Mum to knock the table and spill it on my lap.
I *may* have lost it at this point and shouted 'What the fu...' before I realised where I was and stopped. lol
Considering how this week is going I'm a little concerned about our dentist appointment tomorrow and Marks hospital appointment Thursday........
So, it's been a crappy couple of days. But nothing I can do about it now! Just got to get on with it :)
On a good note I've managed to do a couple of layouts today (yey!) but the light is too poor to get a decent photo (boo!) BUT I still have a layout I did when I went away with Jess I haven't shared yet (yey again) so I can blog that instead.
This layout tells the story of how we came to get Scamp. We had planned to get a puppy in the new year but in October my Mum bought Poppy, a cute little fluffball and that made me impatient lol. So we started to look into it and found someone in a nearby town selling pug puppys for £350.
We phoned and asked for one of the girls and she agreed to let us pick her up the next day. We asked my Mum and Gran to lend us some money and scraped the £350 together. Yey! So excited we told the kids who were made up and we were all excited :)
Later that night we rang the lady back (as she had asked) to find out what time was best to collect, but she didn't answer the phone.
We rang a few more times before she finally picked up and told us she had sold the puppy :( We were gutted and the kids were devistated.
We looked around but couldn't find any more puppies for sale near us within our budget. However we did find a woman selling pugs for £450 who had just started advertising them.
On the off chance we rung and asked if she would take £350 as that was all we had and after a few questions about us and our lifestyle she agreed!
The next afternoon I went and picked Scamp from a litter of 5 cute little babies. :)
He fits so well in our family, obviously he was just meant to be with us.


  1. Hope that is all your bad luck for 2016 in one go! My daughter is a talker - I have to STOP myself from telling her to stop talking. I do tell her to stop rattling on when I'm in busy traffic. She's 13 and it IS getting better as she now spends her time on Facebook and snapchat! You know what they say - you'll miss it when it's gone! X

  2. That's a great story documented and I love the bright fun colours on the page. I'm sorry to hear of all your mini disasters. Think positive Gemma and good things will happen!


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