Saturday, 30 January 2016


I live a boring life lol. Tonight Caitlin is sleeping over at her friends while Cameron sleeps over at my Mums. This means we have a child free night for the first time since I don't know when.
What are we doing? Getting a pizza and watching tv lol. Ah well, it's the simple things :)
So my Mojo is still on holiday. I have been crafting this week but its been either PL style layouts or things I'm making for gifts so can't share.
So instead, here is a quick recap of my week and the last of the Milton keynes layouts :)
So last week I was relaxing in the bath while Mark barged in and managed to miss my Kindle, with its neon rainbow case, stood on it and smashed the screen.
Gutted :(
I had planned to just go without for a while, but Mark felt dreadful so with a bit of imaginative budgeting, selling some bits and cashing in some vouchers I got this :)
TBH besides the backlight I don't see much improvement from my old keyboard one, I know its touchscreen and all that but lets face it I'd still be happy if they brought back CDs lol.
So that was a high point..........then the Next bill came. Woops lol.
So back to the high points lol. We got a message from a friend who told us that Warwick Davis from Star wars was going to be at our local Tesco this weekend. 'Yeah right' we thought. But looked into it and yes he was!
We went down and it was heaving so I left Mark and took the kids in the cafe. Mark was made up when he got to meet him :) Everyone says how nice he is and Mark said he was really lovely and joking along with everyone. Nice when famous people are not arrogant I think.
So as I said, while he was meeting Warwick I took the kids to the cafe. It was lunch time so I left them for 2 minutes to go and get some chips. During this time Cameron decided to put my handbag handles over his head so it was hanging around his neck...and got it stuck.
Only MY child could get a handbag stuck on his head! A good yank and I managed to get it off but he has a lovely red mark above his eye now. *rolls eyes*
Anyway this is the last layout I did while away last year. Really need to do some scrapping soon!
The photo was taken on Marks birthday, Mollie was staying round for a sleepover so we included her in the breakfast/gift giving festivities. Love the happy looks everyone has.
Lots of little bits used up again. Still lots to use though!!
It's grannys birthday tomorrow so going down to see her, then hopefully some scrapping time next week.
Fingers crossed!

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  1. Ouch - that Next bill looks big! Hope you find your mojo soon, and if you do see if you can find mine too.


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