Wednesday, 6 January 2016

My brother my friend

So 3 layouts done since the new year and my mojo seems to have run off screaming lol.
Oh well.
Today has been a lot more productive than yesterday at least, except I managed to melt a hole in my basin while descaling the iron so doing dishes is difficuilt now. Woops, hehe. Dentist went well, Caitlin had a great time out with her friend and Cameron is all excited about a school trip tomorrow so I have a happy household at the moment :)
While everyones happy and calm (before I tell them its time to do teeth and go bed and all hell breaks loose) I'm catching up on online questionnaires, blogging and binge watching Private practice which is my new 'go to' tv show.
6 seasons to watch so gives me something to do for a few weeks :P
So layouts! This is the 3rd one I've done with the Like for ever Twenty sixteen kit. I admit I've barely touched the last few kits (no time not I don't like them) but I'm loving this one. The papers are difficuilt to use on their own but are great to pair with plain cardstock. Can see this kit being stretched out very far.
In this kit were some washi strips. There were some in a previous kit which I haven't used yet but when playing around with them I liked the 'staircase' look.
I didn't want to use much patterned paper as I would have lost the washi so some mists, drawing around a plate and a few embellishments and I was done :)
I love the result of this layout. It's one of my fave photos of the kids on Caitlins first day of Junior school. Her and Cameron are so close and while I know this there are certain situations where it hits home iykwim.
One of which is described on the tag behind the photo. One day Caitlin came home from school and was a little quiet. After asking what was wrong it turned out she had missed her 'wave with Cameron' She explained that every morning at school they had a school wide assembly and Cameron always waves at her. She said it makes her feel safe and happy for the rest of the day but that day Camerons class had a project and missed assembly and she missed her brother. As soon as Cameron got out of his class he ran up and gave her a huge hug which made it all better for her.
It made me realise that even when I'm not there for them they are still there for each other. I hope they stay that way.


  1. Gemma, I love this page! It's just so gorgeous as is the photo. And the story melts my heart too x

  2. Aww bless him! Great layout! You've certainly done more scrapping than me lol! Xx

  3. What a lovely story, and a beautiful LO to record it x


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