Monday, 18 January 2016


So I've been AWOl again. Its been a rough few days here and I haven't felt much like blogging, but a lovely family weekend has helped my mood no end and a few things have been sorted so yey!
Sunday we woke to snow! Ok it wasn't exactly the 2 foot we were promised by the weatherman but it was enough to go sledding and make a medium sized snowman lol.
Te kids both loved sledding. We haven't had snow for a few years now so it was almost all new to Caitlin who could barely remember when we went last time.
Got to love Cameron, as soon as I took this photo he asked if he could eat the carrot!
So my scrapping mojo has gone right out the window recently. My desk has sat untouched for too long.
I did sit and try and do something but my mind just went blank. To try and give my creativity a bit of a kick start I decided to do some hama beads instead.
At Caitlins request I made her a large Stitch for her door.
Problem is I don't have a new iron yet so I can't iron it! lol, oh well.


  1. Haha, eat the carrot! Love it! :D

  2. There was a time mine would have pestered to go sledging in the weekend snow. Lovely to hear that not only did you all have a good time but it lifted your spirits too.


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