Wednesday, 13 January 2016

I'm squashed

I'm sure I blogged this, :\ Oh well, gives me something to blog today :)
The past few days have all been about lists. Shopping lists, to do lists, birthday lists, I actually have a list of lists I need to make!
I don't mind really. I always feel better with lists as it helps me keep track of what to do and also keep track of what I've done, which has been quite a lot over the past few days :)
Today is a bit quieter, ironing, cleaning then taking the kids to a playcenter after school and Mcdonalds for dinner. Easy.
So layouts :) This was the first one I did with my twenty sixteen kit. I always think the first layout from a kit is the hardest. I worry that I'll cut a sheet in half then later on find the perfect use for it. I usually end up using as little paper as possible and lots of embellishments as I have plenty of those!
I love this photo. It's a running joke at the weekend that Mark refuses to get out of bed and the kids will come in, try and drag him out and end up being tickled or wrapped up in the duvet and trapped.
This time I snapped a photo on my phone. I love spontaneous photos like this, little snapshots of family life.
More home made enamel dots, look theres glittery ones too!
Love these little bow paperclips too :)
Still loads of this kit left and not long left until the next one is out, better get cutting!


  1. Aww what a lovely photo. Great page too. I'm very impressed with your glittery enamel dots.

  2. A great picture! Lovely layering and so many lovely bits to add on a page in this kit, aren't there? I'm still stroking mine lol!


Thanks for your comments. :)