Sunday, 10 January 2016

Pikmin 2

Well today has been a lovely, relaxed Sunday so far :)
We had a pj day yesterday as the weather was dreadful, so we were pleased to see the sun shining this morning. We wrapped up warm, clipped on Scamps lead and drove to Fermyn woods.
When we got there however I realised that I hadn't brought any cash for the parking. Woops.
Luckily I'm not the only idiot who does this so they keep some parking tickets behind the counter in the cafe which could be bought with the credit card I keep in my phone case, crisis averted! Would have hated to tell the kids we had to go back home when we just got there lol.
The kids played in the park for a bit then we went for a walk. It's perfect for Mark here as they have a number of trails including one for those less able. Its shorter, flatter and has lots of seats along the way for resting. There are also lots of signs showing wildlife you can usually see in nicer weather. Bit redundant at the moment but made the kids eager to come back in Summer at least.
Snapped this photo of them walking ahead, so cute!
So I haven't blogged, or crafted, for the past couple of days, but I have an excuse! (Kinda)
Before I had the kids I was probably what is now known as a gamer. Most of my spare time was spent playing computer games, I collected retro games and consoles and any spare money was spent as soon as the newest ones came out.
Obviously having the children my spare time and money was spent elsewhere, but I still like to play the odd game now and then :)
For my birthday last year Mark managed to track down a copy of one of my old favourites, Pikmin 2. I played it quite a bit over the summer but then it sat, unloved and uncompleted. One of my resolutions this year has been to complete some of the old games I have sitting around. To my shame some have been untouched since Cameron was born!
So Friday morning, Mark was in bed, the housework was done I was at a loose end so sat down to play for an hour.
Next thing I knew it was time to pick up the kids from school, woops!
In my defence the kids love it too so as well as me playing they've been playing too. Cameron also loves to sit and watch me play while giving me a running commentary on how he would do it. *sigh*

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  1. I love this picture - so gorgeous and a lovely plus to visit too by the sound of things. Go you with the (almost) new gaming hobby!


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