Thursday, 7 January 2016

Just relax

Its time for the first Challenge YOUrself for 2016! Seems only days ago it was 2015!
Since it's the start of the year and everyone's busy after Christmas we have a nice easy challenge for you this month, so here is number 25, anything goes :)
Obviously you need need a photo with YOU in it but other than that no colours, no sketch, no theme, whatever you want goes. :)
For mine I used my newest Like for ever kit, twenty sixteen, and made this layout, Just relax.
The photo is from Butlins last July, there was a huge play area which was set up like a giant beach with oversized castles, beach balls and a sun lounger where I lay while the kids played. Perfect :)
I used lots of layering in this one to make the photo stand out against he dark background. The kit each month is wrapped in different coloured tissue and I love using this to mount my photos as it is super thrifty and adds texture too.
One of my Chrstmas gifts was a box of mixed, home made enamel dots. I'd tried doing them myself at home and they did NOT work but this other lady had cracked it so she sent me a massive box!
Expect them to show up on lots of layouts in the future :)


  1. What a great layout and you're right the tissue paper is a lovely layer to add - never tried that. I love the giant chair idea too! What a lovely gift you got - they look just like the real thing!

  2. Love the layering! You can never have too many enamel dots! What a fab gift xx

  3. I love your creative layout, Gemma! Your photo is perfect and your design is fabulous. The background spatters really look amazing. I want to thank you and to tell you how happy I am that you are on our design team!

  4. Great layout - I love all the layering.

    Has your friend done a blog post on her enamel dots? Do you remember all my SIPIDI attempts that failed? I would love to know how your friend has finally cracked how to make them


Thanks for your comments. :)