Saturday, 2 January 2016

New year new start (cos thats how it works lol)

So we're on the second day of January now, time to do the whole fresh start thing. So these are the resolutions:

1 - Finish my works in progress from this year. I have a few layouts, a cross stitch and a mini book that have been half finished for wayyyyy too long now.

2 - Lose weight. I weigh a lot less this year than I did at the start of last year but still have a bit to lose before I'm comfortable.

3 - Find a balance. Last year I was either bored or overwhelmed, spending loads or banning myself from spending anything. This year I want to be a bit more balanced.

4 - Stay home more. Every Friday night my kids ask me what we're doing that weekend. If I say 'Nothing planned, pj weekend?' they cheer. I think I try and stuff so much to do in that they end up getting a bit sick of it all. So staying home more is on the cards this year. :)

Easyish ones to stick to I think :)
So today was crazy hectic in the morning, then nice and chilled out in the afternoon. We're still in that weird limbo between Christmas and new year where nobody is sure what day it is so I was very glad my phone reminded me yesterday about Caitlin having a party to go to today lol.
Then I slept in. Phone failed me there!
So rushing about getting everything done before dropping her off at 2 for the 'very posh tea party' her friend was having.
Doesnt she look so grown up!
Cameron was a happy bunny today for a while too. We got his Wii exchanged this morning, then found out this afternoon one of his new games doesn't work. Swear the boy is cursed. So off to Game again Monday to exchange that.
Think they're going to start locking the doors when they see me coming.


  1. My son's have both progressed to PC's for gaming. It gets no better, I always seem to be buying a replacement part - or googling for solutions to problems they have! I'm not one for resolutions but love yours - they're more like goals - and don't we all need to FINISH projects :)

  2. Happy New Year to you all. wishing you lots of luck with your goals.


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