Saturday, 23 January 2016


Ok not blogged again for a while 'slaps hand' It's been another one of those weekend where every time I sit down to blog, someone needs something.
At the moment though Caitlins at her nannies, Camerons on the computer and Marks sleeping so grabbing a few minutes while I can.
So, this week has been very productive :) Managed to get lots of little niggly things ticked off the 'To do' list and I managed to finish 3 PL style layouts which have been sitting about for ages!
I would have done more but the amount of half used embellishments I had lying about was driving me mad so spent a day sorting those out. I swear I spend the same amount of time sorting my stash as I do using it.
Usually Saturday is a busy one in our house. Doing any shopping that's needed, going out on trips or to the cinema or something. This weekend however we have nothing planned so dug out a few of the more random Christmas gifts which hadn't been opened yet.
Now Caitlin asked Santa for a Yummy Nummies kit.
For those of you who don't know (lucky you) these are teeny, tiny kits where you mix powder with water to make little edible sweets which taste like actual food. So for this one the chips taste like potato, the burger tastes like a burger etc. There's no cooking involved besides a microwave so kids can do this pretty much on their own.
Cute idea right? Yeah, but at £10 a box a little on the pricey side.
Luckily Caitlin has cheapskate me as a mummy lol. I knew these were an English rip off of Kracies poppin cookin range from Japan and a quick look on Amazon and I was able to get 9 different kits for £15 :)
Santa was very generous ;)
We'd already done the jelly sweets one which went down well so we picked the burger kit to do this time.
There was lots of mixing, lots of exclaiming 'this really does smell like meat!' lots of laughing and lots of fun.
Caitlin had opened the packet before I could stop her and managed to rip the little case for the fries but oh well. This is our finished product on a saucer to give an idea of how tiny it really was.
Our burger looked less like bread and more like honeycomb but oh well. There was also 'cheese' and 'tomato sauce' in the burger too.
Now to try it. The chips tasted like smash, which was probably what they were, but the burger tasted scarily like a mcdonalds burger! It was actually quite tasty! Now worried what on earth goes into Mcdonalds burgers but we'll just try and ignore that thought ;)
Having homemade fish cakes and wedges for dinner tonight, bit higher quality than lunch hehe.


  1. Aha! Just found the list of 'Hereford Girls' blogs on FB so taking a tour of them all tonight. Looks like you've been having cookery fun.

    I daren't get into Project Life, I think it would be far too easy to start another spending spree lol :)

  2. Oh my what will they think if next?! Looks like Caitlin had fun though. I do love your eye for a bargain Gemma. These were a good find!

  3. Whenever I scrap I end up shuffling stash - I tell myself I am tidying and sorting it but I'm not really. Love your bargain hunting skills - well done.


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