Tuesday, 19 April 2016

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Tomorrow Mark has his benifits assessment. It's been changed from Northmpton to one further away in Leicester but I actually prefer that because I lived in Leicester for a while so I'm more comfortable driving around there :)
Still worried about it though. Of course I know mark can't work, on his bad days he can't get out of bed lol. but you hear all these stores about people who are basically paralised or have terminal cancer being told they need to work so its always a worry.
So to combat that the name of the game today is distraction :) Cleaning, scrapping, anything to keep my mind from thinking about tomorrow. :)
One thing I want to do is finish off my Little things kit from Like for ever. This has been my fave kit so far and I've loved using it. Once its done I need to start on birthday bits for the kids and might even cut into this bargain!
A while ago I saw a post on a scrapbook group that Studio Calico wee offering your first kit for free, so this cost me £3.50 for postage!!! Love the 12x12 zip up bag, can see that getting a lot of use.
Not the little things kit but another I made a while ago. Super old photo from Cameron and Caitlins 4/5th birthday. Caitlin would NOT go near the monkey, poor girl was terrified!
Loved all the gold and blue in this kit. Funny how I hate gold jewllery but love gold embellishments :p
OK so off to make a cake, hang up some ironing and maybe batch cook a few meals. Think Mark and the kids probably like it when I worry lol.

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