Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Rant post

So today sucked. It started off a bit bad, car wouldn't start as battery was dead but my Dad gave me a jump start and it worked fine. Drove to a resource center a few towns away, found out it had moved so drove about for a while until we found it lol.
For those of you who don't know a resource center in our area is basically a place where you pay to join, then pay each time you go, BUT its full of papers, fabric, bits and bobs which have been donated by business' and you can help yourself.
Its great for crafters and I visit whenever I'm throwing the kids a party as it's a million times cheaper than buying huge sheets of paper for decorations etc.
So we filled the boot, car started fine and we drove home :)
Couple of hours later I got back in the car to drive to town and nope, dead again. Needs a new battery.
Now I'm ok with drama, having a sister like mine and Mark with various health issues and other situations means I have broad sholders as they say. I can deal with a lot. Every now and again though I get pushed over the edge. Usually something random that does it, last time Asda was out of stock of the pizza I want and I sat in the aisle and cried. This time it was the car. No crying this time. I locked the car doors, lay down in the seat and refused to come out.
As you do.
Sat there scrolling Pinterest for 3 hours until I HAD to go and get the kids from school. Still ignoring the whole situation, whenever my Dad or Mark mentions the car I leave the room or sing 'let it go' lol. I've no idea why! I know it's nuts, but I just don't want to know lol. Sure I'll calm down later. :)
So in my weird mental funk I haven't managed to photograph my new kit, so here's another from the old kit :)
I've scrapped a lot of photos from Spain with this kit as it was very bright and summery with lots of greens, this picture I actually took for the Summer scavenger hunt last year for 'waterfall'. We were at seaworld and the kids were eating their 3rd ice cream when we came across it. :)
I loved the flowery paper at the bottom but it was SO busy I thought a little goes a long way, I love the boarder it makes here. :)
So theres another layout blogged, fingers crossed for a simpler day tomorrow!


  1. Oh dear, consider yourself hugged. I totally understand when it is the one little unrelated thing that sends us over the edge. Tomorrow will be much better!! In the meantime, just look at that pretty layout! See better already!

  2. Your layout is so pretty! I love your layering & the pretty colours! So sorry to hear about your terrible day though :(


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