Saturday, 16 April 2016

White space - hello vacation

Just going to gush about my dog dog for a moment so if you can't be bothered with that do skip over :p
Those of you who know Scamp know he would make a dreadful guard dog. He loves everyone he comes across and is very similar to Tigger from Winnie the pooh, jumping up and down, running around and generally being a little whirlwind.
While I could never count on him to protect the house, the family is a different story. If one of the kids cries, he comes bounding up, trying to lick them and climb on them to make them laugh. He'll dance about, bring them his toys, anything but sitting still!
So imagine my surprise yesterday. I've been having minor panic attacks on an off for the past few months. No idea why they've started up again but I've been trying to get a handle on them and for the most part I've done ok. Yesterday however Mark had an appointment at a hospital in Wellingbrough. I worry whenever Mark has an appointment anyway but Wellingbrough and Northampton have the WORST parking I've ever seen. It's crazy! So that just added to my stress. Then before we left we got a letter saying Marks benifit assesment is next week, 2 days after our MOT. So I think that was what brought on a full on panic attack. :(
I couldn't breathe, was shaking violently, had a dreadful ringing in my ears, it was horrible. I was in a ball on the kitchen floor when Scamp came over to me. I figured he was going to climb on me or something but instead he just lay down next to me and gently licked my arm. Focusing on him, his smell, stroking his fur, really helped and let me get control of myself again. As soon as I sat up Scamp went crazy again, running off and getting his ball for me to throw and jumping about again.
I know they say dogs are very in tune with emotions but to be honest Scamp is such a daft bundle of fluff I think I underestimate him sometimes. :)
OK so gushing over, I thought I'd share a layout I did of Scamp at the Like for ever retreat.
This was the original.
and this was my take.
I loooooove this photo of Scamp. When we took him to the beach a while back he loved it. He was running around, in and out of the waves, chasing Poppie and the kids. Think it took it out of him, he didn't even eat his treat!
Journaling reads, Scamp loved his first walk on the beach at Great Yarmouth. Never seen him so tired!
We're off there again in September so hopefully more photos of tired out Scamp to come lol.

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  1. So sorry you're going through this x I hope Mark's appointment goes well, I know the stress the brown envelope brings.
    On to the happier stuff, your layout is lovely, as always!


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