Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The sweet life

So tonight I was walking Scamp when some teenage thug rode by on a bike and stole the bag I was carrying. :)
Yeah usually someone stealing something from me would make a sad face, but the bag contained an empty water bottle, and a nice fresh poo from Scamp.
Would have LOVED to have seen his face when he opened that bag!!!
So other than having my dogs poo stolen, I've not really been up to much the past few days. Honestly it's just gone so quick! I think because the kids are off, jobs that usually take me an hour are taking 3 so the days are just going in so quickly.
Tomorrow we're taking a break though and going to the cinema. Not exactly excited about this as we're going to see 'Oddball and the penguins' which doesn't look like my kind of film, but hoping if I take the kids, then go to the park after I can convince them to give me an hour or two of peace to get the kitchen sorted to make a shopping list. And yes it will take me an hour or two as a week of the kids pulling things out and putting them back in to find what they want means I've no idea what I've got.
Sure there wasn't this much chaos during the summer holidays!
Speaking of holidays, that's another job I need to do. Pull the boxes of holiday clothes from the loft and see what we need for this year when we go back to Spain.
I admit I wasn't really very excited about it, there is so much going on in the world I would rather just stay in the UK, in my house, with weapons lol. But I was outvoted and really I know I can't put life on hold, there will always be nutters out there. Scrapping this pocket page layout at the retreat helped too. :) It was the second half of Jackies class (see part one here) and usually I don't like my pocket style layouts too much but pleased with this one :)
The fact I loved the papers and embellishments didn't hurt.
Wish me luck for a bit of peace tomorrow!!

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  1. I'd have loved to see his face too! What a shock though to have your bag grabbed :(


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