Sunday, 24 April 2016

Love this

14 layouts done and I'm officially calling my 'Little things' kit killed! I've loved this kit, and aside from adding cardstock I've used very little from my own stash. Shows how far these kits can stretch :)
This is one of the last I did, and is the second half of the 'Crazy' layout I did yesterday. Looking at it now I think it needs something in the middle but I still like it :)
Much nicer photo this time anyway lol. You can't see the title (Butlins selfie) too clearly in the picture but it doesn't blend in quite as much in real life.
As well as killing the kit I took the kids to the cinema this morning to see 'Goosebumps' As we get free tickets in The Sun its a cheap morning out. They loved it and got us out of the house for a bit as otherwise been a very quiet weekend.
Had to get a quick photo while there :p
Mark and I are off to see this on Thursday, he's team Captain America, I'm officially team Iron man, but in all honesty I'm more team'they need to stop fighting and be friends!' It's made for a few interesting debates in the house so far so if I'm off to see a divorce solicitor on Friday that will probably be why :p

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  1. 14 is just fabulous - loving your page. I wouldn't add much - maybe just a few more sprinkles diagonally in the cener to continue the line you've already started. It's a darling page!


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