Thursday, 28 April 2016

Be your beautiful self

Today is a big and busy day :)
Typically Marks in bed with a migrane :(
This means I have about a million things to do while being a quiet as humanly possible. Not too difficuilt luckily but hoovering will be taking a back seat until tomorrow. Ugh.
Well the reason I'm so busy is 3 things.
1 - Camerons birthday tomorrow :)
2 - Camerons party Saturday :)
3 - Civil war at the cinema tonight!!!!
We're supposed to be going to dinner too but can't see that happening now.
Pretty much finished all the party prep though :) I'm thrilled with the party bags I've done. This is what is in each one.
Theres a Pokemon Mew teddy, a pull back mario car, fake mustache, star wars erasers, fruit ninja shooter, water gun, mario block with chocolate coins and a creeper pot with sweets. Camerons seen it and was really excited so feeling pleased with myself.
Look how cute they fit into the little bags! I'm making a large Gameboy cut out so the kids can pretend to be in the game, I'll take a photo and put each one on the bags so they know whos is whos.
Ignore the huge pile of layouts that need putting away in the background :p
Speaking of layouts I must admit this is one of my faves I've done in a while. A friend on the like for ever group was kind enough to cut me some 12x12 papers on her machine and send them to me. I love how easy it is to make complicated looking layouts with these!
I didn't want to cover up the diecut so limited the photo and embellishments to the bottom corner. This little 'be your beautiful self' cut out was perfect for a title :)
Right, off to try and cross a few things off the list :)

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