Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Sunny smiles

Well the film was actually a lot better than I thought it would be! This was good and bad, I really need to learn to read the plots of films before I take Cameron to see them.
Oddball and the penguins. Sounds innocent doesn't it! Nope, 11 penguins are killed (Camerons second favourite animal) and the dog is shot and kidnapped (Camerons first favourite animal) so lots of tears and cuddles during the movie.
Couldn't have been too bad though, as we left Cam said it was his fave film ever!
So remember I said I wanted to get a lot done this afternoon? Well after the movie I bought the kids some juice and sweets as a bribe to play in their rooms while I cleaned up. They were great and agreed.
Got home and they went to play tea parties in Caitlins room. 5 minutes later I hear a wail. Turns out one of the little ceramic cups had smashed and poor Cait had cut her finger. It wasn't serious and a cuddle and plaster soon calmed her down.
The stress however had given Mark a headache, so he retreated to bed and anything loud, such as getting bits from the loft or hoovering where put on the back burner.
I did manage to get the kitchen cupboards sorted, and food ordered for the kids parties at the end of the month though so that was something! :)
Ok going way back now, while away at dukes farm last month I took part in some of Shimelles challenges, including one to use a large photo. I also used a sketch from Sketchy scrappers on Facebook.
I don't often have large photos as I have all mine printed off at 6x5, but as luck would had it I had recently changed the photos in the living room frames so had this one taken in Turkey while on a boat trip. Cameron was going through a phase of making this really weird face every time someone took his photo so when the photographer on board took this one of him and Caitlin smiling nicely I bought it right away!
As you can see I rotated the sketch and used one large photo rather than two smaller ones.
Think this was one of the last layouts I did with the Like for ever Stripy straws kit. Was sorry to see the end of this one but I've got LOTS more to use up! :\

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  1. Fab page - ouch about the cut finger. Hope you get your sorting done soon x


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