Friday, 29 April 2016

7 & happy, 9 and happy :)

Today is my baby boys birthday :) 9 years old, where did that go!!!???
We're having his party tomorrow but had my Mum, Dad and everyone round tonight to give gifts and have dinner. Cameron mainly got computer games, sweets and biscuits lol.
I asked him later what his fave gift was, 'food!' was the reply. So glad I spent £100 on gifts *rolls eyes*
With it being Cams birthday I thought I'd share this layout. I took this photo in Spain a couple of years ago.
Journaling reads:
There you are, t-shirt on inside out and backwards, shorts too small but 'cool because Mario is on them' hat which goes with nothing but 'looks like Daddys'
Dressing Caitlin is a form of artwork, everything co-ordinating and matching. You dress for you. I love that.

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