Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Lets party

So the kids went back to school today! :
I had a to do list as long as my arm, and though I was busy all day I somehow got nothing done!? No idea how that happened.
A blog post was on my list so suppose this is something :)
So the Easter holidays was great fun :) Considering it was only 2 weeks long we packed in a lot! Sleepovers, trips to the park, cinema, swimming, cooking, cooking, crafting. No wonder my floors are desperate for a deep clean!
Sunday was the best though, when we finally got to Disney on ice again.
Now I'd like to say the girls were mainly excited about the show, but they honestly seemed far more excited by the slushies! In their defense they are nice slushies, though at £10 each with a collectible cup (read tat) they're not exactly cheap.
Considering this is my 4th time seeing this show you can imagine my irritation to discover they offered free refills!
The girls certainly took advantage of this, managing to eat 4 each during the show.
Our seats were amazing! We booked them as part of a coach trip so I was a little wary as obviously I didn't get to pick them myself but they were brilliant! Caitlin loved it as she said she could see all the detail on the dresses of the skaters. Girl loves her clothes.
The show was amazing as usual. Hearing everyone singing along to the songs and all the little kids dancing on their seats, always makes Disney events even more special to me.
So between not finishing jobs today I actually managed a layout! Can't share it yet though so will share this one I did for the sketchy scrappers mid month challenge.
The challenge was set by me, and was to use a type of embellishment you tend to neglect. For me this was brads and I managed to use 3 on this layout.
Not exactly a huge amount but its something!

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