Saturday, 23 April 2016


What is with the weather at the moment! One day I'm in a t-shirt, next day I'm curled up with a jumper on! Today is a jumper day. It looks beautiful outside but there's a strong wind which is very cold. The sunshine just likes to trick me.
So at the moment it's silent in my house beside snores. My niece stayed over last night and had bad night so I think everyone's had about 3 hours sleep maximum. Cameron doesn't sleep at the best of times so he's wide awake and gone next door to play. I'm full of coffee and determined to kill my Little things kit today!
I know I know I've said that 3 times already, but it just keeps going! The problem is is that I love the papers so much, I am keeping every little tiny bit of it. Usually I'd be happy to chuck these little bits away but I'm hoarding this lot.
I think I'm almost there though. I have no 12x12 papers left and the embellishments are dwindling. I've done 13 layouts and think I can possibly do one, maybe even 2 more before I call it killed. Think the new one is due on Monday so want it done by then!
This is layout 10, using possibly the worst photo of me and my daughter ever taken lol. I was running out of useable alphas here so took inspiration from Leisa OBrien on the facebook group to use up the rest.
On the note of crazy, we bought travel insurance today for our holiday. The quote on the left is without Mark, quote on the right is with. CRAZY!!
We managed to ring around and get it for £120, so not too bad I guess. I was amazed though that a couple told us just to not declare Marks main illness. :| Are they allowed to tell us to do that?! I'd just be freaking out the whole holiday something would go wrong, small price to pay for peace of mind in my opinion :)

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