Monday, 18 April 2016

White space - you are my calm

Yey the MOT is done and the car passed!!!!! Thats one big hurdle passed this week :) Only Marks medical assessment and a few big bills to pay and it will be the weekend!! Woohoo!!!!
So sharing another white space layout today :)
This was Nicolas
and this was mine.
My photo was much larger than Nicolas and also was a portrait photo rather than a landscape, so I flipped the layout and made it 12x12. Other than that, and some pink texture paste in the top corner I stuck quite close to the original. Closer than I usually do anyway lol.
This photo is from Spain a few years ago. Caitlin was playing happily in the sea and I was just taking photos of everything as usual. I loved this one as she just looked peaceful playing by herself.
Journaling reads:
Your brother is all about chaos, and noise, and Pokemon battles. You can be just as crazy but have moments of such serene calm. You were quite happy to play by yourself in the sea at Spain. It was very relaxing to watch.

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