Saturday, 30 April 2016

Party time

Yesterday was Cams birthday, but today was his party :) We had rented our local cinema so he and some friends could play computer games on the HUGE screen. Tried to get a photo but this was the best I could do.
Needless to say they had a great time :) The noise 4 kids can make amazed me!
After the cinema they all came back to mine for some games, food and cake. Cameron had requested a 'eye of cathulu' cake, think I did ok :)
Cameron was pleased so that's the main thing. I'm always pleased with myself when they request random things for their parties and I manage to pull it off lol.
We played pin the mustache on Mario, hunt for Yoshi eggs and also posed in a giant Game boy to get photos for party bags. Kids loved it :)
So one party down! Just have Caitlins next week and that's it done for another year. :)
With all the party talk it seemed fitting to share this layout of Scamp at my 30th birthday.
As you can see the hat didn't stay on too long!

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