Sunday, 25 April 2010

Dead on my feet

So tired! Couldn't sleep last night so was up till 4 (thanks to Lisa for keeping me company :) ) Then been busy today scrapping and cleaning. Managed to do nearly all the classes so quite pleased. This is what I did today. You were supposed to make your own flowers but I gave it a shot and mine looked NOTHING like they were ment to so they went in the bin and I just got some blooms, lol. Made the vine myself though.
Now these flowers were much easier. Amazingly simple and look really effective irl. Painted the grungeboard (the pink and blue swirls) with paint then crackle paint but dont think I did that right either, lol. Oh well, this was the last class I did. Was losing my energy by now.

This took me ages and you cant really see it. lol. downt he left hand side and at the top I used tim holtz barbed wire mask and glimmer misted the paper. Looks nice in real life. lol

Did this lo about how easily cameron makes friends. usually female friends. Wasnt untill after I'd done it that Mark pointed out that the title might have another meaning consdiering the photo of Cam running about with a girl. lol. Woops

This is a typical 'I cant be bothered to get up I'll just do a lo with whatever is in arms reach' kinda thing. Quite pleased with it though, lol. the idea was to scrap a new tradition. I picked the tradition of every christmas spending ages trying to take a photo of all of us as a family but never quite managing it!
Decided to get quite creative with this one. Last year at butlins Mark in all his wisdom decided to help cameron bury his new Bob beanie (which cost a stupid amount of money I'll have you know! Couldnt believe he bought it!) in the sand. They then promptly forgot where when a huge storm started and he was frantically digging to find it. lol. The idea of the Lo was to include 4 elements, a metal element (the badges) a sewing related element (the cross stitching) then a moveable element and hidden element. I decided to put lots of tags and hide a bob picture under one and the word 'nope' under the others. Made me giggle if nothing else. lol

This was done at 3am so went a little wrong with the letter S, hense the outline rather than a full letter. Love the photo on this as shows cameron and caitlin both climbing up ladders towards the slides. Decided to make it about how brave they are. it always amazes my mum and other mothers I know how they just run off and do their own thing, and how at playcenters and the like if a bigger kid pushes one eithr of them the other will run up and push back. Ill never forget when I saw a kid twice the size of Cameron push him and take a toy from him, but before i could get there Caitlin slapped him and took the toy back! Now I dont' condone violence but I was a little proud. lol

This a very old photo of when we went to disneyland. Cameron was nearly one and Caitlin was nearly ready to be born (hense the size of me then, now its all ben and jerries, lol) The theme was scrap a journey so I did the first time Cameron was on a train. I know blurry is spelt wrong but its how Cameron said it this morning when I showed him the photo and told him he was looking out the window as everything blured past ('It was all blur-ie out the window mummy?) so thought it would be a nice touch.
Well did a couple more but shattered now! Hope everyones well. Wont be about untill friday as off to butlins with the kids. :) Take care!

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  1. oh my word! 4am ... well, it's certainly paid off ... stunning work, I must say :)


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