Saturday, 26 June 2010

Babysitting day!!

Well as you can see I messed about and changed my blog a bit. :) Need a new header but otherwise like it. I've started linking my recipes and tutorials on the left hand side so I (or anyone else) can look back on them easily. :)
So spent the day cleaning, but done some scrapbooking over the past few days I thought I'd share.
This was of Cameron at the fair last year. Used an old UKS CC kit for this one.

This is Caitlin at the same fair. At the time she was too small to go on anything so I bought her some candy floss. she wasn't impressed.

Both of these need journaling. Once I find my white pen. lol.

These are with the newest Sarahs cards kit. Loved the colours in this one so pretty much used it to death in one night. :) All are scraplifted from the dt booklet.
This is Caitlin at Butlins this year. She was just in awe at meeting Barney. lol.

Love this picture. Caitlin is not a usual girly girl. Any mud, football, dirt and shes in it. So love this picture of her picking flowers. :)

This was my fave lo form the booklet. Our garden is strictly a child play area. Swings, slides, the lot. Except for a small swing chair which is mine. MINE! And what do the kids love best? Yeah, annoying arnt they. lol

Well gotta run as babysitting my neice tonight. :) So expect some baby photos tomorrow. lol


  1. what beautiful layouts, it looks like you've been super busy and you've done the cleaning. can i borrow you for the day to give me a hand with mine ;-)
    enjoy your evening cant wait to see the baby picks.
    ju xx

  2. Lovely layouts! You've definitely been busy! :)

  3. I think the bottom one is my favourite, too! Such lovely bright and happy colours.

  4. Well done on using this months kit so quickly - not even touched mine yet! You are so productive Gemma - how many layouts do you usually do per month?


Thanks for your comments. :)