Monday, 14 June 2010

No dvd so ignored ironing and scrapped instead day. :)

Lol, ok bit of a mad title, but trying to do a 'friends' like theme where each of my titles have day at the end. Yeah I' mad. :-p.
Anyway, lots to catch up on, where did the weekend go!!!!
First up was my monthly crop on saturday. Didn't get as much done as usual but had a brill laugh! Don't know what was up with us all but we were all a bit mental and giggly. lol.
I was thrilled too as my lo was voted best in the monthly challenge! Ok it was a much smaller group but was still thrilled. :) It was this one below

For my efforts I won a little goddy bag with glue dots, flowers and some bits and bobs in. :) Other than that I managed to do a couple of CJ pages, a few los and a father day thing (which you cant see till sunday. :) )
Did this lo of Bob when we were in butlins. Simple but took me so long to cut out the tools I couldnt be bothered doing much else!

This one of Caitlin is also for a challenge on a social group on UKS. each month a member posts a sketch we have to follow and do our own take on it. :) Didn't turn out how I pictured but like it still.

This is the last of my Sarahs cards kit from april. Really should start on mays before junes comes. lol.

Saturday night my mum and dad came over to watch the football. We watched it on HD so missed the goal and the less said about the rest of the match the better. Was funny teaching Cameron too shout 'Come on!' when the little men in white got near the net though. However he did it whenever they got near either net so wasnt wuite right. lol.
Sunday was dull, I did ironing.
This morning started off great. :) Woke up with hubby handing me a box containing this lot of goodies. :) A friend from UKS is having a clear out and wanted more christmas bits. So swapped her some and she sent me this in return. :)

Then I went to The Range. We had one open a few months back and I've been in once and was amazed what craft stuff they had! However have been pretty skint since so have avoided it. lol. But hubbys nicley given me my birthday money early so off I went for a spend. :) Was thrilled to get both paper packs for half price. :) Had my eye on the green stack for a while as love the little animal papers.

Another half price cardstock stack, some stamps and other bits I needed. :) Was an even better bargain as the woman wasn't paying attention so didnt scan it all so got about £10 free too!

Ah now this is what hubby is doing. Its scary. He loves warhammer, has collected it since before I knew him. He also worked at the store when you could buy the models by weight (big deal I've been told) As a result he has so much he doesnt actually know what he has, so has started on an invintory. THIS is one box. he has about 16.

Going to take a while I think! lol


  1. Love all the new stash, some more great layouts. I am so behind with all my kits, I finally finished a kit last week - think it was June's or July's LOL from last year!!

  2. Pity you can't buy some stash by weight eh! Fab bargains too! and lovely goodies from our mutual friend:-D fab layouts too!

    you wanna watch hubby! he'll be after your crop bag/trolley before you know it lol!

    tell him to go to staples and get a foldable crate on wheels:-D


  3. Now thats a good trade, you have space for Warhammer, I get space to scrap... I like it! Love the Lo's, specially 'feeding time'

    Looks like you got some great bargins too :)

  4. What a fab post - new stash, and layouts too! Love the boy blue one, and the bright colours of the others. My hubby collects motorbike parts, fishing gear, and old books and videos etc ... what a horder!

  5. Lovely layouts Gemma, well done on winning the challenge and a very yummy stash hoard! See the lady at the till just must of known that your birthday was coming! :)

  6. Love this post - so much going on in your life, the layouts are beautiful - I'm not surprised yours won it's gorgeous - loving the others too, the swap looks fun and I love your purchases - may have to have a jaunt out to the Range - haven't been for AGES! Do not envy your hubby trying to sort out 16 boxes!


Thanks for your comments. :)