Saturday, 5 June 2010

Hopefully quiet day!

Well since Wednesday it's been very busy here. Ill sum things up quickly. :)
On Thursday my Mum and Dad went to visit the new baby. :) To avoid the mania of Wednesday when they took my sisters dd Evie (where she tried to poke the babys eyes out) I offered to babysit. So to keep 3 kids entertained we took them all to the park. :) Cameron didnt want to walk and asked to go on his big boy bike! I was really proud as he got it for christmas but hasn't felt confident on it. Well he took to it brilliantly. Riding in and out of the swings and around the roundabout. He was very pleased with himself.

Then it all went pear shaped. lol. Im still not sure what happened but one moment he was on his bike, the next, under it. He was fine except for a scraped elbow (going to argos monday to buy him elbow and knee pads!) but the way he acted you'd think he broke his arm. lol. Daddy went nad got some 'magic plasters' which helped a bit but he still told everyone he saw about how he'd hurt his elbow. lol Typical man.

I did manage a simple layout amongst the chaos though. :)

So after that I planned for a quieter day yesterday. Got up in the morning and cut all the grass and tidied the garden. Did a few odd jobs and was just settling down with a cup of tea when my mum rang asking if I could take her to collect my sister and Lillie from hospital. Well I wasn't going to say no to more baby cuddles so off I went. Well she was supposed to be discharged at 3, was more like 7:15! But I didnt mind as I got lots of photos. :)

Been SO long since I fed a baby. I forgot how long they took! lol. My sister in trying to breastfeed but didn't get her latch right frist few times so is letting herself recover before trying again.

Don't think was impressed with the hat. lol

How cute is she!! Ok I'm biased but I think shes adorable. :) So after all that I didn't get home till gone 9 lol. Poor hubby I left at 3 telling him at be an hour tops. He did smile knowingly as I went out the door though so think he expected me late anyway. lol
So after all that you think I'd be tired right? Wrong! I was up till gone 12 as was reading a book, then woke at 3 with Caitlin crying. She went right back down but I couldnt sleep so got up to do some housework and online work. Must have been a right sight putting out the washing at 4am. lol.
So its now 8:10, kids are washed, fed and naked (refusing to put clothes on as they want to go in the pool once it heats up, lol) downstairs is tidy and lunch is made and in the fridge, so think I'm going to go back to bed for an hour. lol. Hope everyones having a great weekend!


  1. Ouch! It does look sore, but, yes, a typical man!

  2. Hanging the washing out at 4am! lol at least when i can't sleep i read twilight or watch it!

    Hope you get more sleep this weekend and fab pics of la bambina, not gonna comment on Camerons injuries cos it will only make him drag it out longer.... just like a typical man lol xxx

  3. Ow! Poor elbow! Way to go on the cycling though kiddo!

    That gorgeous baby girl just made me nostalgic and excited all at the same time. Nostalgic about the time DD was tiny and excited about this new baby coming!! I had all kinds of issues with breastfeeding in the beginning with my latch and stuff. By 6 weeks though it was all fine. Just stick with it sis! I got to just under a year and loved every second. :o)

  4. Oh Cameron looks so cute on his bike! Lovely layout and of course Lillie is beautiful! Hope you get a bit more sleep tonight, and if you don't relax for a while! :)

  5. Awww bless she is so adorable & so tiny!

  6. awww what a little cutie :)

  7. aaawww my word, isn't she just gorgeous .. so, so cute :) You have had a busy week, and you've still managed to do a lovely layout


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