Friday, 25 June 2010

Thomas land day!

Well technically yesterday was Thomas land day but was too tired to share last night. We took loads of photos but heres a few of the best. Still a photo heavy post though so warning now! lol.
Well we started off at the shop. Thought we'd get it over and done with so Cameron didn't spend the whole day going 'I want this, I want that!' It was HUGE!!!!

There were 2 floors of this and everything was Thomas. It was a bit of an eyeopener though going around and Cameron saying 'I've got that. I've got that too' lol. Pretty much all of it was from car boot sales though. The prices were also mad. there was a stensil kit my gran had got for him the previous week for £1 from homebargins, £7 there! Ended up with a counting jigsaw, some stickers for scrapbooking with, a chocolate lolly and 2 flags. for nearly £20!!!!

Caitlin got bored while waiting for Cam to pick, so gave her her dummy to keep her quiet while she played on a Thomas model.
The main ride at Thomas land was a train which took you from one side of the park to the other. There was a percy and a Thomas. I loved the attention to detail as the carrages were the same as they are in the programe. :)

This is Caitlin after scaring the living daylights out of Mummy, they both insisted on going on the HUGE big wheel. I had to go on by myself with them as Marks terrified of heights. All was goign well untill Caitlin reailised if she jumped up and down in the seat the cage rocked and mummy panicked. This was apprently the best fun ever. Not sure if this is a cute or evil face. lol

caitlin feeding crisps to a huge t-rex. lol

In the park theres a zoo aswell. the kids wern't very impressed but I loved the peacocks. There was a big pen and rabbits too. mark said 'Look caitlin bunnies!' She looked at him with scorn only she can manage and said 'Daddy, Rabbits'

Yes cameron is wearing Thomas t-shirt, Thomas shorts, thomas socks, Thomas shoes, and Thomas pants but you cant see those. lol

Was amazed at this. In a building hid away at the back they actually have the set used in the old tv-shows. Was amazing to look at, with the level of detail. Hubby made me laugh, he said 'I'm just thinking about' I ubtted in before he could finish. I knew he was thinking about using it for warhammer. lol

Cameron finally got to go on Thomas. :)

He was SO excited!

As well as the trinas there were loads of Thomas themed rides. They were the same rides you usually get at a fair but based around Thomas. Harold helecopters, fat controllers cars etc. This was a carosel but it was Lady and her trains. Caitlin did like it but wasn't impressed with daddy taking pictures. lol

Cameron made a new friend. His name was Jeramy apprently. lol

Everyone on Bertie the bus, he span around in a circle.

This was Camerons faveourite ride. You can drive these around and bash them into walls. lol.

All in all a brill day was had by all. :) kids slept great last night. Cameorn actually fell asleep hugging the Thomas land map. Bless him! Did some scrapping last night and hope to continue tonight so will blog that tomorrow.
Oh, also having some blog candy later tonight if you want to keep an eye out for that. ;)


  1. Good to see you and the family had such a great time, looks like you have some serious scrapping photo's there :) Awaiting candy with anticipation xxx

  2. You look like you all had a great time, especially Cameron of course, he must have just loved going on Thomas! His little face on the bench is priceless as are yours and Caitlins with Daddy taking pictures! :)


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