Monday, 28 June 2010

yey its cooler today!

Sorry been awol. Been very sleepy and busy with crafting work. I've had very very first commision piece with a friend asking for a wedding album for her brother. have to admit its scary. Particually as the dress colour is a secret and the bride is very NOT girly so most wedding things are out! I think I'm doing ok though, very strange to scrap without photos. Done a few pages and so far good feedback so thgouht I'd show some here. (Note, the happy picture of Caitlin isnt stuck down, its just an idea of where the photo can go. lol)

And now the promised baby photos! Lillie was a star and cuddled up with her bottle and watched New moon and Twilight. :) Typical girl, lol, fell under Roberts spell. :)

How cute is this litte dress! Love shes so much more aware now.

Right well got to go pick the kids up from Nursery. I love the nursery my two are at. Took Cameron in this morning and they'd specifically printed out some Thomas pictures for him to colour and bought a Thomas book for him to read. :) The key worker in Caitlins room has also given us some Barney vidoes in the past as her kids had grown out of it and she knew Caitlin loved him. :)


  1. Some lovely LO Gemma.. It isnt so easy when you dont have the photos, but you have a lovely colour scheme there, hope we can see one of the wedding photos.. I love weddings..
    what a little cutie Lillie is.. and such a pretty name too .

  2. That's very kind of the key worker, isn't it? I am sure your wedding album will be a great success!

  3. Lillie is so sweet - she must be one of the youngest Twilight addicts!


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