Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Dissapointing day

Well today didnt go quite to plan. lol. Cameron had a bad temp last night so was up late with him so slept in. Then dropped kids at nursery and went up town to rent some dvds. Flamming store was closed! lol. Apprently had system failure so was opening late. So wandered about town for a bit then went back and rented 'The lovley bones' and 'Solomon kane' Both were rubbish! lol. Well suppose lovley bones wasnt what I expected. Hated the ending though. So was a bit gutted about that as had wanted to see that for a while.
Planned to do scrapping tonight but both kids were very poorly and hot so I've ended up sitting in bed with Cam and using the laptop to chat. So no scrapping tonight!!!
Howeer did get a bit done yesterday so will share that. :)
This is a Lo that really wasnt planned and just got shoved together. Surprisingly like it, lol. LOVE the little scrabble tiles I got in my swap. :) Took this photo in Butlins of mark teaching Cameron to bowl.

This really isn't shown too well in the photo but I LOVE the colours in this one. Did it for a challenge on uks. Rules were:
Use really bold /bright colours or only black/white/grey - bold colours
Use the title or lyrics from an Elvis song - done
Use something silvery and/or include a crown shape - used a siler flower

Lo of cam on a ladybug ride at Butlins. He LOVED these!

See, lol. This was for another challenge with the following rules:
1. Scrap about someone/thing you care about or care for - my kids. :)
2. Something old, new, borrowed, blue - Old stickles, new paper, borowed ribbon, blue dots. :)
3. Paint or Ink/stamp on your LO - Stamp in top corner
4. You must use some journalling on your LO - done

Well thats all the los. Did make a big batch of chocolate muffins with chocolate icing, choc chips and strawberries. But between hubby and kids didn't get a chance to photograph them. lol.
And to end my post. Heres my poorly boy cuddled up next to me. :)

Night all!


  1. Great projects. Hope your tomorrow is good & the kids feel better :)

  2. You have been busy again - love all the layouts.

  3. Great Lo's theres no stopping you once you start- it takes me at least 2 hrs to finish 1! I was dissappointed with Lovely Bones wasnt what I expected it to be at all xx

  4. Fabbi LO's. Hope the little one's are better soon. And thanks for the film review, I know what to not get now :) xx

  5. Poor little man, hope he is a lot better now xxx

  6. Lovely layouts Gemma. You could say I'm 'bowled over'! *Ü* TFS. ~Glen~


Thanks for your comments. :)