Thursday, 17 June 2010

FAB day!!!!

Well I had a brill day today! But first yesterday, lol.
I did take a photo for WOYWW but was so tired last night didnt get a chance to blog. To be honest its more whats around your workdesk, lol. At my old desk in the corner everything was to hand, however now my computers broke and I'm using hubbys I need to drag everything out. makes quite a mess. lol.

As usual the crop managed to get my mojo working, so done another few los.


Now onto today. :) This is an old lo which followers may recognise. Well this morning I got my sub copy of Scrapbook magazine

and look!!!!

They've used my madien name for some reason but I'm still thrilled! Its probably not that big a deal to others but its the first time I've been in a magazine so really pleased with myself. :)
So that was a good start. We also took Cameron to the dr, I've said since he was a baby that I think he has autism/asbergers so wanted him tested before he starts school. Our gp is normally rubbish, seriously, he wouldnt even give my sister a pregnancy test so I thought I was in for a fight. However five mins of me explaining how cam is at home, and a few moments of talking to Cameron and he sends us for a referral! So was thriled at that result. Took the kids for a picnic as they'd been stars all morning. :)They loved feeding the ducks.

As a bonus my sister turned up with Evie and Lillie, so more newborn cuddles. :)

The kids had a great time playing together. :)

Lovley pic of Cam after he'd just eaten a huge bowl of strawberries. lol.

So that was my day, going park with sis and all 3 girls tomorrow so kids will enjoy that. Hubbys swannign off to nottingham with his mates to warhammer world. Yeah, like he needs more! Then again cant really talk myself, not like I need more craft stuff!


  1. congratulations on getting a beautiful LO published! :0)

  2. aw loving the day out photos :) congratulations on your LO being published too, and a creative space isnt right if it doesnt touch the floor too ;) xx have a lovely weekend

  3. Great pics of the kidlingtons Gemma! and well done making the mag too!!


  4. Sounds like you had fun congrats on getting published!! xx

  5. Craft rooms are supposed to be a mess! Lovely layouts and congrats again for your first time being published! :)


Thanks for your comments. :)