Friday, 11 June 2010

Date day :)

Well been a busy morning. Got up and sorted out kids and went to my sisters to help out. Did some cleaning there and brought back a huge pile of ironing to do for her. Also took some pics of the kids. :)

Caitlin playing with Mollies crown while Lillie has a nap on my knee.

The girls enjoying tip tops. :)

I love this photo! Cameron came over and was holding Lillies hand asking her to wake up and come play. So quickly pulled out my camera and asked him to say cheese. Love the proud look on his face. :)
So got all my newborn cuddles. :) Off out tonight as mum has the kids. Hubby got some money for his birthday so suggested going out to dinner. I said we couldnt go any of our usual places as they're all pub resturants sutitble for the kids, and as its the first night of world cup they're all going to be packed. Hardly a romantic atomsphere. lol. So we're going to Frankie and Bennies instead. :) We normally only go for special occasions as its a bit pricey for us so quite excited. :)
Also have my crop tomorrow (Yey!!!) then football tomorrow night (hubbys making dinner, slimming world kebabs. :) yum) then going for picnic sunday. So all in all brill weekend planned!!


  1. Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned so enjoy it Gemma and have a lovely date night.

  2. Aww what sweet pictures you must scrap the one of Cameron & Lillie! Have fun tonight you lucky thing xx

  3. Sounds like a good weekend you have planned. Hope you really enjoy it. The photo's are so very cute! Perfect for scrapping :)

  4. What cute little kids bless them, it sounds like you've got a great weekend planned - Have fun.
    Ju xx

  5. Wow, wish I had you around after my kids were born, you are even doing the ironing! lol. Weekend sounds good, hope you have a wonderful night tonight! :)

  6. Enjoy your weekend. Children are adorable.


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