Monday, 7 June 2010

Spending day!

Unfortunatly not on much fun things. lol. This week we had a lot of big bills comming out, plus money we owed and a couple of annual bills. As a result, I had £842 in my account this morning. I now have £8! lol. but I did manage to get a few nice things with it. :) Kids needed new clothes so we went to Primark this afternoon to get some bits. Came home with this

These are for Caitlin. got her 3 dresses. a little shrug cardigain and a tshirt and skirt set. Loved the green dress. Will look brill on a layout I think! lol.

This is Camerons lot. 3 pairs of shorts, a tshirt and a shirt and shorts set his daddy loved.

And this is mine. :) I got some linin trousers but also found these pjs on sale for £1 a set! And can use the ribbon for crafty projects too. :) Also a pretty t-towel, lol. Love cupcake themed things. :)

This is a photo I've been meaning to share for about a week now. On UKS I do quite a lot of swaps. I love getting things in the post and this is a cheaper way than buying things. A little while ago I took part in a homemade flower swap. if I'm honest it was only because I wanted some inspiration to make the ones I showed you before, but it turned out to be one of my fave swaps. :) These are the ones I got in return. So pretty and I love everyones use of seed beads. :)
Hoping to scrap tonight. Kids at nursery tomorrow and normally get a bit of time to myself but hubby has a brain scan to see if he has brain damage so going along with him. As part of his illness before he had toxins on the brain quite often. Hes improved vastly but still has memory problems and trouble following conversations sometimes so going to see if theres any lasting damage. So going to take a book and put my feet up while he gets scanned. lol.


  1. It looks like you had loads of fun shopping today you lucky thing and the flowers all look fab.
    Good luck with your husbands scan tomorrow - i've got my fingers crossed for you - Ju xx

  2. wow looks like you got tons of stuff, still bills arent much fun xx

  3. loving it, shopping with lo's in mind;-) flowers are fab too xx


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