Saturday, 19 June 2010

Housework day

Well today is a boring housework day. Had a busier than usuall week so kinda behind on all the little bits and bobs that need done. So made a to dolist and plan to get stuck in. :)
Boring bit over yesterday was more fun. :) Went to my sisters in the morning and helped out there for a bit. Came home shattered (had 4 toddlers and a newborn at my sisters, lol) and did a bit of housework here. Had just sat down with a cuppa when mum rang saying she was taking my neice to a local playcenter did I want to bring my two. So ran about there for a while, then mc donalnds for dinner, asda for shopping, morrisons for petrol, then home for bedtime for kids!!!! Hubby was still out so managed a couple of layouts before he came home baring gifts. :)
Heres a few photos of the day. Kids all on Barney. lol, Surprised we didnt get told off.

Enjoying their mc donalnds. They don't usually have them so was a treat.

These are the LOs I did before hubby got home. Both are for a challenge set on UKS twilight group by Carin. Is a sketch challenge this month which I love. :) We were given 4 sketches to choose from then rules to follow with the layout. I'm going to do all four then decide which I like best. :)
Rules on this one:
Use a frame - The red circle with the bling.
Stamp something on your page in whatever medium you want - Birds are stamped
Lastly distress something - Inked the green alphas to make them stand out a bit more.

And this one:
Use a frame - Red matt around the photos
Stamp something on your page in whatever medium you want - The xmas trees are stamped
Lastly distress something - ripped the sides

So as I've said hubby was out all day yesterday. Went with his friends to a place in nottingham called warhammer world. For the non-geeks or geek associated warhammer are bascially little models that are painted and the used in a board game type battle. I've mentioned before hubby has a rather substancial collection. lol. He was a bit gutted as most of the stuff he went to get isnt out yet but had a good time wandering about the place itself. Heres him with a space marine. And no its not a handbag its a shopping bag, dispite what it looks like. lol.

And of course being out all day he needed to bring home a gift for his loving wife. And he did very well picking this out for me. :)

LOVE it!!!! Its a metal trinket box which I currently have on my desk. Will find something to put in it I'm sure. :) right better get on with housework. Got a HUGE pile of ironing and some dvds to watch while doing it (got to be a good side to ironing). Hope everyones well. :)


  1. You've got him well trained Gemma! Lovely trinket box I want it! Great Lo's xx

  2. It still looks like a handbag tho!!!



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