Sunday, 20 June 2010

Car boot day

Afternoon and happy fathers day to everyone!
I'm SO tired today! Got up at 6 to pack a picnic and make food for going out. We were going to our usual car boot for fathers day as Hubby loves it and planned to have a big picnic in the park afterwards.
Went as usual and got some brill stuff, didnt photograph it all as figured everyones bored of seeing what I buy! lol. The usual dvds, Thomas stuff (rug, clock, lamp this time) but also got quite a bit for Caitlin which is unusuall as she only usually likes Barney. but she's recently got more into dolls so got her highchair and some bottles and bits. :)
Bargain of the day was Caitlins helemt and bike though, lol. Shes a typical little sister, loves to copy her big brother, so always tries to wear his bike helmet. At a stall we found a Disney princess one for £1 so said I'd get it for her. Turn around 2 seconds later and shes on a little plastic bike on the same stall. tried to tell her to get off. NOPE!!! She would NOT let go. The lovley lady said we could have it for free so Caitlin was thrilled, but poor muggins here had to spend the rest of the day pushing her around on it. lol
Heres Caitlin enjoying her new toy. :)

Right well kids are in bed, dinners in oven, going to spend some time with my lovley hubby for fathers day. :)


  1. Awww she looks so sweet on her bike, bet you end up using that photo on a layout.

  2. Aww bless her she looks like Penelope Pitstop xx


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