Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Match day!!!!!!!

Well I know some women hate it but ours is a world cup household. :) So come 3pm we sat down to watch the game. Told the kids the men in white were the 'bad men' and to tell them off whenever they came on screen. They were more than happy to do so. lol. Caitlin even shouted at one player to 'go on the naughty step' when he pushed one of our guys over! She'd make a great ref I think. Poor girl did jump out of her skin though when england scored and Daddy and me screamed. lol.
Was a brill result though, could have been better but it was enough. While dong my sisters ironing today I found an england shirt in thepile (guessing it belongs to one of her bfs sons) So cput it on cam for the game. Obviously hes going to have to wear it on every game now!

Football aside, did a few more los last night. This is about Cameron at christmas. He stole my camera and took a few photos, but when I took it back he flat out refused to smile in any for me. Saying it was his camera!

This is Cameron when we first arrived at disneyland. lol. Thought he'd be a bit more excited than he was.

Well spent most of the day doing housework so going to sort though some new photos and scrap a bit with my new kit tonight. Hope everyones celbrating. :)


  1. Glad you enjoyed _ I watched some recorded tv LOL and did the ironing!!

    Some more lovely layouts - you are so productive.

  2. oh yes, that's a lucky shirt for us, so he'll have to wear it :) I put up our football bunting for the first time yesterday - so now that has to stay up too. Whatever it takes! :)

    Lovely layouts too.

  3. Great LO's I'm forcing DH to watch the matches in the front room so I don't have to put up with them lol

  4. Im watching with you gemma.. and we also leapt through the ceiling when England scored.. about time tho isnt it..


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