Thursday, 24 June 2010

Late woyww

Well I'm dead on my feet after running around all day after the kids. :) We took them Thomas land as a treat and they LOVED it. I was worried as with Cameron being so weepy latly I didn't want him to go and be too overwhelmed and have the whole thing be a waste of time. He adored it! Was so excited when we got there he couldn't breathe. lol. But more on that tomorrow.
Last night after the England game I decided to chill and watch the Germany game in the bedroom (hubby was shooting things downstairs, lol) and use the time to sort all the photos I just got developed. I'm fussy about photos. I sort them into 'day they were taken' then 'order they were taken in the day' then 'order of day they were taken in' so everything ends up cronological. lol. So took a photo when I'd just ordered them into 'day there were taken'
So here they are

Got a lot of scrapping ahead of me I think!

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  1. Wow, you are organised, as long as mine have the month and year written on the back I am happy and they are then sorted like that, way too much to sort any further than that! I normally only print every few months because I am lazy to work out which ones to print so I generally have about 600 at a time (and I am waaaaaay behind!) so that is my excuse! lol!


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