Wednesday, 12 September 2012

First day of school

This morning was my baby girls first day at school. :) I was a lot better with her than I was with Cameron (no tears here) but she was just SO excited it kinda rubbed off lol. She woke up this morning with a huge grin on her face, didnt even want breakfast as just wanted to go school! Every second sentence is 'Am I going to school yet?' Hopefully she'll have a great day and be just as excited tomorrow. :)

Look how proud she looks! Well in the assumption I'd be a wreck I planned a busy day lol. Got work this morning, then need shopping, then need to make a quick pizza dinner as Caitlin has dancing tonight too. I've almost finished the craft project I've been working on almost non stop for the past 2 weeks so hopefully going to do a few bits on that too. Better run!

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  1. Hope her first day goes well!! She looks so smart in her uniform! x


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