Thursday, 27 September 2012

Really should be doing something productive.....

Well its 2:40 and I'm sitting on my laptop with dickensons real deal on the tv. To be honest no idea why as the remotes next to me and by god it's dull but there you go lol. Had a very productive morning and think thats my motivation for the day gone lol. Crafting is going well :)Finished the Christmas box and Christmas notebook for some swaps I'm in and punched out most of the boarders for the bunting for my mum. Quite enjoying doing crafting but think I'm going to try and do some layouts too, seriously got to cut down on my stash which while a bit depressing on one hand I'm so looking forward to having my livingroom sorted I can make do. Most of my dies and punches are going to have to be relocated to the garage so got to make a list of what I have so I can look without having to go out there each time I want to do something lol. On the topic of lists they seem to dominate my life at the moment, lol. I'm starting to get everything planned for Christmas which seriously seems to take longer each year. This year more so than others as with all the DIY housewise and homemade gifts theres sooooooo much to keep track of, still enjoying it though, I think I thrive under pressure lol, get too complacent when everythings all calm. Speaking of calm though Caitlin went into school today all by herself. :) Was so proud of her. She wasnt going to do it but when I was talking to her another Mum suggested her daughter walk in with caitlin as she was a little worried too. Funnily enough both girls had the exact same water cup, both with broken lids in the exact same place lol. Very odd coincidence but was enough to strike up a comradary between them and they walked in quite happy together. :) That said when Caitlin went into the classroom, i was waving and giving thumbs up to say well done, and though she smiled at me there was certainly a 'I'm not impressed with you' look behind her smile. lol. Think I might pay for it later.

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