Saturday, 22 September 2012

Is it Monday yet?

Remember my enthuisam yesterday that it was the weekend? Oh I'm so over it now! lol. Children have been driving me mental today! Fighting like mad when together, but when I seperate them crying they want to play together! They have a birthday party this afternoon so going to drop them off and have a bit of a break I think lol. Not managed to get much doen this morning, some ironing and general cleaning inbetween playing referee, which was scarier than the horror film I watched while ironing.
OMG what rubbish! Its shot in 'real time' so one take kinda thing, but its soooooo dull and the ending is just weird. SPOILER ALERT! The star is a girl who goes to her old home to do it up with her dad and uncle. While there a strange man somehow gets into the house, knocks out her dad and chases her about for a bit. Theres a really odd scene with a ghost girl and bottles of blood and all that until at the end you find out its really all her. Her dad and uncle used to abuse her in the house and while she blocked it out returning there made her go mad and shes the one terrorising everyone. yeah I know. lol. Cameron made me laugh this morning, he comes out with some cracking comments, this was todays: Mark - Come her Cam you need your face cleaned. Cameron - Why? Mark - You're covered in chocolate spread, you're more chocolate than face. Cameron - Thats because I eat chocolate I dont eat face! Kids are outside now, taking bets on how long it takes before they start fighting again. 4 minutes, thats how long it took. *sigh*

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