Saturday, 29 September 2012

Less decluttering, more relocating

Sitting here at the moment watching Dr Who. Cameron wanted to watch this one as quite a few kids in his class watch it but knowing it was about the weeping angels (creepy!) and that it was Amy and Rorys last episode (sad!) managed to convince him to wait until next year when it starts again. We are trying to get him to watch more grown up tv as currently its mainly Lilo and stitch, Mr bean and Peppa pig (caitlins mainly the instigator of that one)and the kids at his school seem to be watching The spiderman movies and the new batman film :s I personally think they're a bit young but obviously don't want Cam to feel left out so agreed I'd watch the dr whos first then let him see them the next day if not too bad. Its hard to get the balance really and hes only 5! Dreading when hes older and wanting £90 trainers because everyone else has them. Well todays been pretty productive, as I've said before I've seriously got to cut down loads of craft stuff to make room, but thats seriously easier said than done. I've used loads, chucked and sold but for the space I had I'd basically have to get rid of all my punches, dies, inks, paints the lot, and just keep a few kits and papers. Um, NOT going to happen! So decided to box it all up and put it in the garage while keeping all the papers inside. Problem there is needing to go through boxes and boxes to see if I have something to go with the layout I'm doing. So finally found a use for this :)
One of my many notebooks I buy because I like it and then never put anything in it, lol. So today I spent punching paper, listing stickles and paints and running dies through my cuttlebug, which Caitlin seriously enjoyed helping with lol.
So as a result I've now got 4 boxes packed away with easy acsess and managed to put a whole shelving unit in there too and out of the livingroom. Just need to get a wire to move the tv and computer to the other side of the room now!!! :)

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  1. Oh dear it starts so early doesn't it. I know we have lots of moaning because we are pretty strict with age restrictions in our house and all the kids friends can watch and play all sorts of age restricted things. Personally I think that is half the problem with today's kids, they are exposed to everything way too young, age restrictions are there for a reason. Having said that we usually watch a lot of things first and then make our own decisions on what is ok for them to watch but the pressure to give in and let them do what all the other kids are doing just gets harder and harder as they get older! We all love Doctor Who here :) Oh and for future reference Sports Direct are a good shop for the name brand trainers at very good prices as both of mine are at that stage now and I can't pay the expensive prices :) Love what you have done with the note book, great idea to have more space but still know what you have. Ok that was quite a long comment lol.


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