Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Been aggggggges since I've done one of these. As Christmas is coming up I've started on my Christmas crafts. :) Money is seriously tight this year with one thing or another so will be making a lot of gifts and want to get a head start. My mums also asked me to make bunting for her to decorate the living room. All well and good except I know my mum, theres an image in her head of what she wants and I'm betting what I make won't match it lol. She'll be fine with it anyway but really want her to like it. Her colour scheme is red, black, silver and grey so so far I've cut the flags in those colours.
Fair bit left still to do! House is going well :) Bathroom is finished as my Dad came round yesterday and laid the lino for us. cameron bless him was so excited to have a bath in our 'new bathroom' amazing the difference paint and new flooring can do :) This week it's the kitchen and the hallway getting re-done. New paint, blind put up in kitchen and new decorations in hall. The blind for the kitchen we actually bought nearly 3 years ago but I LOTHE putting up blinds so still havent done it yet! Right well better get on :) Got a lot on the to-do list today lol.

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  1. The "C" word - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    That blind will be out of fashion before you put it up but then again you could always alter it!


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