Tuesday, 11 September 2012

woops, might not end well. lol

Well at the moment I'm currently 'updateing itunes' i am rubbish with this kind of thing, seriously I miss cds. last time I 'updated' it it wiped everything on my phone, so will see how it turns out this time. Just wanted a new album but apprently thats too difficuilt lol.
Well tomorrow is Caitlins first day of school :) Today is a day of prepwork lol, doing ironing, making sure she has everything and her name is in it etc. Im working tomorrow and Thursday then need to go buy paint friday so not much time elsewhere. Shes still excited about it so hopefully wont be too bad, can never predict her though :s
Ohhhh just found this photo, was something I ment to blog over the holidays but as usual time got away from me. I'm a huge Pintrest fan, wasting hours on it while waiting in queues, or watching something boring with the kids. A lot of the things on there though I think are those ideas which are good in theory but in reality never work out. Over the holidays I did do a couple though which worked out well, dirt cake was one of them :)
The name is deciving its not actually with dirt lol, though looking at the picture you can see where it came from.

Its actually layers of crushed oreos and dream whip. You're supposed to use jelly worms on top but we didnt have any so used cherrys lol. Caitlin loved making it as it was really so simple she did most of it herself and I just supervised. Was also really yum and went down great at the bbq we took it to, :)

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  1. I'm rubbish with stuff like itunes too!! The cake looks fab!! Hope Caitlin has a great 1st day at school!! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today! x


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